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Literal Meaning: (noun) Any of various chiefly Old World plants belonging to the genus Kurkuma, of the ginger family, yielding turmeric.

Connotative Meaning: Kurkuma is also the Latin name for turmeric, that lovely yellow root in the ginger family that makes South Asian and Middle Eastern food so beautiful. Considered auspicious and holy, kurkuma is used in cooking, traditional medicine, wedding and religious ceremonies, and as embellishment. It is a magic root, with healing and restorative properties.

Why Kurkuma ?

Kurkuma is the result of Geeta Rajaraman's life and work experiences in five countries and a variety of industries. Able to communicate across cultural barriers whether in person or virtually, she understands the power of the right message, delivered to the right audience, at the right time. 

We are a personalized consultancy service that provides planning, development, implementation and management of digital communication (and allied services) for small businesses. Our expertise across countries and cultures, our passion and versatility makes us unique and enables us to tell thoughtful stories that form strong connections.

Through our empathy, sensitivity to cultures and diversity, and personal guidance to educational institutions, we enable them to engage with their audiences effectively based on deep insights. We empower people to be true ambassadors. We inspire change and growth through dialogue.

We are passionate about providing digital solutions--including strategy, technology, and support--for immediate as well as long-term brand growth and evolution.

Kurkuma, the name of the brand, aligns with and propagates the brand idea through its connotations of being holistic, deeply involved, beneficial, and dependable.

Spice Things Up

At Kurkuma, we know how to present the latest technology to schools and small businesses that want to be current, but just don't know where to start. Contact us if you're looking to spice up your presence in the digital world.

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